Hydrangeas and Lilacs Photography Poster

Hang a summertime bouquet on your wall. Lovely white hydrangeas and purple lilacs make a striking bouquet of cut flowers arranged in a vintage, white vase in this digital art design. Not much information accompanies this picture, but the clean, white color feels like summer and I can smell those sweet lilacs!
This photography print is available from slcook52 at their Zazzle store and measures 15 x 19 inches. A smaller size is also available.

white hydrangeas and lilacs in vase
Hydrangeas & Lilacs Print by slcook52

Click this link to view Sylvia Cook’s store.

Author: Pam

I grew up in New England but spent most of my life living in central Florida and blog about seashells, beaches, gardening, boating, fishing, hiking, photography, food, knitting, and my work as a designer at Zazzle.

2 thoughts on “Hydrangeas and Lilacs Photography Poster”

  1. HI there, I just found my photograph on your blog. Generally I find my work stolen and all over the internet. So it’s refreshing that someone is displaying it and actually putting a link to my shop.


    1. Hi Sylvia, if for any reason you don’t want it here, I will take it down. I know what you mean about the ones who help themselves, I have had it happen to my things too. I was happy to find such a beautiful picture to share with my readers.


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