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Hydrangea Wedding Programs With a Flourish of Blue

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wedding program template
Example Wedding Program to Customize

The wedding program template shown here has a background filled with images of the big flowers with blue flourish designs near the three areas of text and a light blue border.

As summer approaches the brides planning a summertime wedding are scrambling to get everything ready. In fact most brides will already have their plans in place. Then there are the procrastinators and the couples who can’t seem to come to a decision and they will wait until the last minute to do everything!

No matter which type of person you are, the wedding ceremony program is one of the last things to be ordered. The reason is that all planning, except for the reception, must pretty much be done before the program can be printed. You’ll want to include the name of the officiant and musicians, singers, etc. in your acknowledgements along with any other special people who will make the ceremony special. Songs will have to be chosen, and special readings, verses and scripture.

Many couples choose to have flowers on the alter in remembrance of loved ones who could not be with them, and they usually make mention of this in the program as well.

The ceremony program will be filled with text if the ceremony is long and involved, but even short ceremonies usually use a program to list the important family members and attendants. Most likely the couple will want to say at least a short “thank you” and may include directions for the wedding guests, such as asking that photography be saved for the reception.

As to the type of program, that is up to the wishes of the couple, but they can be printed on flat cards in various sizes or on paper to be folded – either in thirds or in half.


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