Antique Glass Bud Vase Put to Use

blue hydrangeas in a glass vase
Hydrangeas in a bud vase

I am something of a bud vase collector. I used to be addicted to buying every cute and unusual little vase I came across. Most of them came from yard sales and flea markets that I visited when I lived in central Florida.  I haven’t bought any in many years, but I have my favorites that I pull out each summer to hold the cuttings from my yard.

The vase shown in my photo here came from Mount Dora at the huge antique and flea market called Renningers. I only paid a couple of bucks for it, but I’ve seen it since for $10.  This hydrangea flower ended up with a short stem, so the vase was a perfect fit.

I like the shape (this is a picture of the back) with a taller backside which is meant to hold a bud of any kind. The downside to this small vase is that the water dries up quickly and has to be watched – and refilled – often.

Hydrangeas can last a long time once they are cut, if you know what to do to keep them looking nice.  In fact they can turn to dried flowers right in the vase.

I am experimenting with that, so I’ll let you know how it goes.


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