Hydrangeas Blue

Photo of a Lavender Hydrangea Flower

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light purple hydrangea flower
Lavender Hydrangea

I am glad I photographed this ever-changing hydrangea flower while it was a pretty lavender color. Believe it or not, this was once a blue bloom. As it aged it turned this pretty light purple color mixed with some faded green. The flower was a beauty.
We never know for sure, year to year, if our hydrangea bushes will bloom and fade in the same way. One year you’ll hear folks say, “it wasn’t a good year for the hydrangeas” and at other times they bloom so stunningly. As with all of nature, if something is a bit off, we will see a different result.
Many people may not notice, but those of us who garden and pay attention will realize that today’s lavender bloom is fleeting.
I have used this image to make some wedding stationery that is called “Vintage“. The faded purple color reminded me of something old but good.


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