The Most Popular Item in My BlueHyd Store

light blue floral postage
Invitation Postage With Light Blue Hydrangeas

Ever since I’ve shut down my main blog New England’s Narrow Road (due to busyness), I have been posting everything nature oriented here.  So I can get a bit off track from the theme of hydrangeas which is what this blog is about.  Sorry about that.  But hydrangea loving people tend to be gardeners as well, so I think most readers won’t mind.

In my life I have two seasons each year.  The gardening season and the creating season.  In summer I grow the flowers that I will photograph and use to create stationery for my BlueHyd store.  All winter I spend creating, and there is a lot of time for that when I can’t get into the yard.  I run more than one online shop, so creating is not limited to hydrangeas only and I stay very busy during the quiet, creating season.

I’m not much of a “stats” person and I don’t pay much attention to the amount of views or most popular products I sell.  Too much of that info is not reliable and generally means little to me.   But this little blue hydrangea postage stamp, with the RSVP letters, came up as the most popular item sold.

Author: Pam

I grew up in New England but spent most of my life living in central Florida. I blog about boating, gardening, knitting and my work as an online designer.

2 thoughts on “The Most Popular Item in My BlueHyd Store”

  1. That is very interesting. I was wondering if the stamps sold at all. There is an advantage to living in a cold climate. It keeps you working inside. That’s great if your pursuits are creative. When you live in warm climates, like CA and FL, you tend to want to be out in the sunshine all the time.


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