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The Importance of Writing a Note

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green hydrangea note card
Purple and Green Note Cards

Sending personal, hand-written notes to friends seems to be a thing of the past for most people. In fact the younger generation would probably never think to do such a thing. With instant messaging, smart phones and the speed of the internet connecting us instantaneously, it may seem too “old school” to pick up a pen and write a message inside a note card.

This busy world keeps us unable to sit and quietly pen our thoughts and life happenings to share with a friend, but there are times when a written note can mean a lot.

I used to write to my grandmother after I moved from Massachusetts to Florida. She was a special person in my life and she loved to write back. She’d tell me all about the garden and what was in season and how the produce was. I’d tell her about what I was learning about growing things in a tropical climate. Usually early on a Saturday, before the kids woke up, I’d try to get a short note written to send off. I have kept all her notes and letters to me and they are something I cherish.

These days handwriting a note usually takes place after a wedding, when the hand-written thank you message is most important. Seldom does anyone write a thank you for anything else.  My teenage son doesn’t even know how to write in cursive!  We rely heavily on the ease of using technology, but I like to think there are people out there who enjoy the almost forgotten importance of corresponding in writing.


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