Good Morning

yawn waking up good morning

I’m writing this while I am waking up.  Sleeping in is not a usual thing for me.  I prefer to get up early because I do my best work in the morning, whether that is design work, blogging or house work.  As the day goes on I get lazier.  And by 3 or 4 in the afternoon I am ready for a glass of wine and sit down time.  Or maybe I take a walk or bike ride, but that is the time I stop “working”.

steaming hot coffee
Morning Coffee, Photo by Jill111 @ Pixabay

Today I was still in bed at 9.  Awful.  But I didn’t sleep well, and I usually do.  I don’t feel guilty, but I know my day will seem short.  That’s okay because it’s a Saturday.  The day most people (I guess) go out and do fun things.  I stay home on weekends.  I hate dealing with crowds, and I really don’t have anywhere to go.

It’s a good day to work.  I believe that working and advertising / promoting on weekends is what helps my sales to increase on Mondays.  So promoting often is my goal for weekends.  I also Tweet, add to my FaceBook stores, do some blogging, and so on.

Today I visited some blogs as I checked my e-mail.  Occasionally bloggers will come by and read my blogs – mostly my Seashell blog – and leave comments or “like” a post.  I have more followers and readers there because it’s an older blog.  I’ve updated it recently because I’ve been able to get out to the ocean and collect shells.

I will follow blogs that are good.  Many are photography bloggers, and I do enjoy photos from around the world, and of course pictures of flowers and nature.  If you want to see some nice work, visit Pete Hillmans Nature Photography blog.  That’s where I was earlier today.

I’m tired of food blogs.  Food is everywhere online.  It almost makes me sick of eating… almost.  And animal picture blogs… enough already.  Nature is one thing I never tire of.

And I’ll follow blogs that are written well about subject matter that interests me.  I also like personal photos.  Now that I use my iPhone, it’s simpler to add my pictures.

My Garden March 2nd

This hydrangea blog is less and less about hydrangeas, sadly.  So I must fill up the pages with gardening information.  And my garden is growing nicely.  I’ve eaten 2 big red tomatoes from my plant this past week.  Oh, were they good.  I’ve never eaten homegrown tomatoes from my yard in April!  In New Hampshire they can’t even go in the ground until Memorial Day weekend, and even then, it may be too cold for them to grow much.

I wasn’t eating ripe tomatoes until August in New England.  The cherry tomatoes were ready sooner and that’s why I always grew them as well.

Screen Shot 2017-04-15 at 10.08.17 AM

I make simple salsa with my tomatoes, and use my own scallions, parsley, and basil.  I’m trying to grow garlic, but I’m not sure how it grows in Florida.

My potatoes have about gone by and it’s almost time to dig them up – or dump them out really, since they are growing in bags.  I wonder what they will look like?

Author: Pam

I grew up in New England but spent most of my life living in central Florida. I blog about boating, gardening, knitting and my work as an online designer.

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