Off Topic Ticked Off, Annoyed and Depressed Today

Queen anne's lace flowers

Now who would want to read this post?  Maybe someone having a day as bad as mine.  I woke up in a depressed mood.  It hasn’t happened lately, but maybe it was my overnight dreams that put me in that frame of mind.  I didn’t sleep well and that contributed no doubt.

Christmas is over – yay.  I dislike the holidays because my tiny bit of family is far away.  One of my sons and I sat here doing the same things we do every day – except we opened a couple presents.

I did some work at Zazzle today and had lots of trouble with uploading designs.  While working on a new Flamingo design, I realized that a track pad is no good when trying to remove a background from an image.  I managed to complete the work, but it was super frustrating.

Then I visited some blogs and had trouble there too.  I can’t seem to “like” them, and leaving comments was easy either.  I did see some very nice photography which people wanted to share as the year comes to a close.  In fact, that cheered me up.  Thanks to the people who share their photos online.  But it is depressing to see snow and winter images because that is where I want to be – back in New Hampshire.  If wishes were horses…..

Now I am blogging on my own site, and I must say that I strongly dislike the new Gutenburg block editor.  Maybe it will just take me a while to adjust to something new, but I can do fine in the old editor.  When using the new one, I get annoyed quickly.  Please, please, please don’t make it the only option for writing.  I will be most unhappy.  Of course, I know they will not listen to me.

2018 is about over and truthfully I have forgotten it already.  I dislike the month of January.  Bad things tend to happen in that month.  When February is here I will let out a sigh of relief.  And my daughter is coming to visit, so that will be a happy time.

To continue with my sorrowful mood, I will share photos that make me miss my home.   Beautiful Queen Anne’s Lace, which doesn’t grown here in Florida.  Snow!  Yes, I miss the snow.  Wide open spaces, fields of grass that are not full of bugs and snakes, normal trees, and my old yard with interesting things to see everywhere, like pretty hydrangeas.

Tomorrow I will feel better.  I always do.

Queen anne's lace flowers
Queen Anne’s lace

stone arch


my hydrangeas
Of course I miss my hydrangeas

Author: Pam

I grew up in New England but spent most of my life living in central Florida. I blog about boating, gardening, knitting and my work as an online designer.

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