Just For You! Monogrammed Hydrangea Postage

blue floral monogram postage stamps
Add Your Initial and Personalize a Postage Stamp

I created this blue hydrangea postage stamp, with a monogram initial template, for couples planning a wedding. But it’s a lovely little floral stamp for anyone. The “F” letter is easy to change in the template area on the product page. Just click on the image here to see that.

Unsure of what initial to use? First name initials can represent a single person, Last name initials represent married couples, or single people. Newlyweds and engaged couples like to use monograms to indicate their use of the same last name on thank you cards or wedding stationery.

The blue hydrangea images on this stamp came from my personal photos which were taken when I was renting a duplex. The hydrangea in the front yard had such beautiful blue flowers! I have more U.S. postage stamps at BlueHyd.

Novelty Coffee Cup Art For the Gardener

funny wildflower mug
Cartoon Art by Swisstoons

Coffee cups with funny cartoons, made to please a gardener.

During the years I’ve worked at Zazzle I have met a number of “online friends”.  It’s still so odd to me that I can communicate so well with people I have never seen.  I’m of the old school generation who grew up without all this technology, and I doubt I will ever get used to it.  That is not to say that I don’t appreciate being online.  I work online, and wouldn’t be making a living without having the computer.  I love the ease of finding a local restaurant, finding the hours of the farmer’s market, and using mapquest (I’m still not a big GPS user!).

Along the way, my online journey has made it necessary to find colleagues to talk shop with.  Working online has it’s disadvantages.  I can’t turn to my co-worker if I have a question.  I don’t even have a boss to go to.  (Good and bad.)  So those of us who do the same type of work, must stick together and help each other.  In the process we come to know their specialties.

Quite a number of years ago I discovered Tom of Swisstoons.  We “talk” nearly every day.  He is a cartoon artist and has some really cute and funny works in his Zazzle Swisstoons store.  One of my favorites is the “wildflowers” scene with a crazy flower who is imprisoned because of his wild nature.  Two little potted flowers look on with worried expressions.  This is the kind of stuff he does.  Vegetables, flowers and critters, talk and act like people in his art.

I thought I would link to his gardening toons here.  The same drawings are on items like t-shirts, aprons, and bumper stickers.  I have some of his magnets and have enjoyed his art all year long on one of his calendars.  Now I am thinking I may need a coffee mug!


How To Remove Unwanted Background Clutter From Your Pictures

blue and white bearded iris
Original Iris Picture
blue iris photo
Iris #2

Can you see a difference in these pictures? There is unwanted clutter in the first one.  The photo at the top has a garden hose in the background, but I have removed the hose using the “clone stamp” and the results is seen in the bottom photo.

I just posted about my new, blue iris flowers that are growing in my garden and as soon as I published the post I noticed that I had not used the “good” picture.

After photographing this flower I wanted to use the best pictures to make products for my online shop, but if I used this good photo of the flowers, there is a piece of an unsightly garden hose in the background.

Fortunately I have learned how to remove unwanted stuff from my photos. With a little patience, I can usually get it to look okay. If you are interested in how I removed the garden hose from my photo, read a page I wrote at Wizzley to explain how to use the clone stamp in a free graphics program called paint(dot)net.

And if you want to remove the entire background, for a transparent image, I can tell you how to do that too.  I have to do that for many of the designs I make and sell in my stores.

Art In Glass, Featuring Blue Hydrangeas

Blue bottles #2
Image by robynejay via Flickr

1.   If you love art in glass, you might like this pair of blue and white hydrangea art done as decor for your home.

Bonanza artist, FromMe2You, offers two French blue hydrangea art glass wall hangings.

The one pictured here is 14 x 20 inches.  The matching one is vertical.

Click on the items to see them used in a home setting, framed and unframed.


2.   A beautiful wedding keepsake!  Hand painted wine glasses at Etsy by designer decouverre have stunning, bright blue hydrangea flowers on all sides.  And if you don’t want hydrangeas, she has lots of others.

What I really love, is that this seller will personalize the glasses as you choose.  She will change the flower color, and even paint them to match the bouquet in your wedding!

Also…. add names to the base of the glasses or to the sides.  The set includes 2 large wine glasses for $75.  They are very unique and lovely!