Are You In The Gardening Business?

custom blue hydrangea business cards
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If you are looking for business cards that stand out from the rest, check out this garden favorite to advertise your occupation or shop. Light blue hydrangea flowers are pretty against a khaki colored background and both sides of this standard size business card hold template text lines for you to use.

This unique card is a perfect handout for any landscaper, flower shop owner or just about anyone who loves hydrangea flowers. Who could throw this beauty away?

Hydrangeas and Lilacs Photography Poster

Hang a summertime bouquet on your wall. Lovely white hydrangeas and purple lilacs make a striking bouquet of cut flowers arranged in a vintage, white vase in this digital art design. Not much information accompanies this picture, but the clean, white color feels like summer and I can smell those sweet lilacs!
This photography print is available from slcook52 at their Zazzle store and measures 15 x 19 inches. A smaller size is also available.

white hydrangeas and lilacs in vase
Hydrangeas & Lilacs Print by slcook52

Click this link to view Sylvia Cook’s store.

Green Hydrangea Flowers

green hydrangea sticker
Green Hydrangea Round Sticker

At the end of the growing season, which is September or October where I live in New Hampshire, the hydrangea blooms have turned some unusual colors. Depending on the fertilizer and summer weather, the flowers can be bright blue or more of a pinkish green and fade to dark purple or green. It’s what I love about this plant – never a dull moment!

I try to get good photos to use for my work throughout the season and the greens of late summer are as much fun to capture as the bright blues of mid-summer.

Two years ago the blooms on the shrub in my yard were a bright and wonderful shade of blue. I’m glad I captured that shade in photos because the next year (last year) the blooms were smaller and not as lovely, although they are always a delight no matter what the color. Since green flowers are unusual, I’ve sold a lot of stationery in my wedding store with their image.

If you are planning a hydrangea themed wedding, please visit my online wedding and special event store- BlueHyd– for unique and custom stationery featuring hydrangea photography in all colors as well as original art designs.

Preparing the Ground For Your Garden

Wedding Sets

Hydrangea Fine Art

Blue hydrangeas seem to be one of the top choices on any favorite flowers list. Everyone loves original artwork and when the two are mixed, a lovely group of images can be found.
My picks come from and although I have done a bit of drawing for my BlueHyd store, there is much more blue hydrangea art to be found around the site. My favorites are the paintings. Painters, in particular, simply amaze me and I’ve always loved the work done by Lisa Lorenz for it’s bright colors and intricate design work.
This image is from her “Country Blues Greeting Card” and I was hoping she had made a poster out of this, but didn’t find one. Isn’t it gorgeous?

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