Swallowtail larvae on fennel flowers

A Messy Garden Can Be a Breeding Ground For Butterflies

My vegetable garden is failing, but that may be good for the beneficials and butterflies. By letting vegetables flower and go to seed, they might attract interesting creatures. I’m becoming familiar with the bugs that visit the garden and learning the good (beneficial) from the troublemakers. Nature is the way it is for a reason […]

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black cats

My Favorite Black Cat Photos of Skittle and Fontana

I take a lot of photos of my two black cats, Skittle and Fontana. Fontana has been living with me since 2010 when she and Richie (a crazy male cat who is now deceased) were adopted from a shelter in New Hampshire. Richie met an untimely end when he was killed by a fisher cat […]

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yellow snail

The Tiny Yellow Land Snail and Shell

If you need more reasons than the obvious to grow vegetables organically, take a close look at the dirt in the garden bed.  As I was out taking photos of the numerous mushrooms growing all over the garden, I saw an interesting, elongated shell.  It looked like a mini version of the auger seashells I’ve […]

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Cutworm eating fennel

Cut Worms, Pill Bugs and Squash Vine Borers Invade My Space

My little garden has been growing like mad, but now the cut worms and other creatures are making a mess of it. Cut Worms I’ve seen black worms eating leaves, and they are not picky which plant they attack. These are the cutworms – pictures below. Cutworms can also nip a new seedling at the […]

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tree frog pepper plant

Pepper Plant Beasts Among the Greenery

One of my favorite garden plants is the bell pepper I planted over a year ago. Apparently here in Florida vegetable plants just go on and on. The pepper survived some pretty cold nights (below freezing temps) over the winter, and has come back stronger than ever. Besides giving me some nice juicy peppers to […]

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