Giant Whiteflies Leave Long White Fur on Hibiscus Leaves

After writing a recent post about finding aphids on my pepper plant, I realized that I need to be vigilant about accidentally removing ladybug larvae and eggs.  One plant that is sure to have aphids in the hibiscus.  It is not unusual to find them all over the buds and new growth. I haven’t paid […]

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chickadee in birdhouse

Getting Birds to Come to The Backyard

Wildlife is abundant in Florida.  Birds are everywhere so getting them to come to the backyard is not difficult.  They enjoy the same things here as they did when I lived in the North.  If you’d like them to visit regularly, give them a proper welcome. They need food, water, trees and places to land […]

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tomato hornworm eating eggplant

Non-Producing Vegetable Plants Can Still Serve a Purpose

In the heat of the Florida summer months, I have done little gardening. But the plants I began growing in Spring, are continuing to grow. Even though I am not getting much, if any, produce from them, they serve a purpose. They can be food for worms; give bugs a place to crawl, which in […]

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two raccoons in a tree

Okay, I Hate These Raccoons

After we moved into our new house in Florida, we noticed every night that raccoons would come out of the woods next door and explore our yard.  They came right up to the back door, with the outside light on. Oh, they were so cute. One time we looked out back to see three little raccoon […]

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