Please Don’t Poison The Wedding Guests!

Green fern wedding cake.
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Hydrangea flowers are popular for weddings and many brides choose to carry that theme onto the cake they will show off (and cut into) at the reception.   Hydrangea flowers can be made out of frosting or sugar in the form of gum paste and fondant. I am not a cake decorator, but it looks like hydrangea flowers take a lot of time and patience to create in this way, and I’ve seen some frosting ideas that look truly horrible.

You may be tempted to just add real hydrangeas to your cake, but wait, before adding real flowers to anything, do your research.  Although many flowers are edible, the hydrangea flower is not one of them.  In fact, they have poisonous parts and therefore I would want to keep them in my bouquets only.

The cake pictured here seems to have real green and white flowers tucked in between the raised layers and then piled up on top.  I would not think that this is a good idea since parts of the hydrangea are poisonous, and I wouldn’t want them on a cake that would be fed to hundreds of people.  Not a good wedding memory.  If those flowers are not real, they sure fooled me!

A tiered cake could have a large blossom on top, such as the Periwinkle Hydrangea Blossom Ball Wedding Cake by the Pink Cake Box.  Or have an all white cake with a scattering of blue petals- made of sugar -around the bottom.  It all depends on your preference, time, connections, and bank account.

Some modern brides will incorporate cupcakes into the reception which make for easier grabbing by the guests and no need for cutting and serving.  Gumpaste flowers can be used to create blue petals, such as the chocolate cupcakes featured on Confections, Cakes & Creations website.  Or buy some hydrangea petal shaped cutters and make your own realistic looking sugar paste hydrangea toppings.  Better yet, buy them for someone else to use and pay them for their efforts.  After all, as the bride, you will be too busy for such things.


Making Green Hydrangea and Pink Rose Cupcakes

Two colors that always look sweet together are light green and pink.  For extra sweetness combine these colors – in the form of icing- with chocolate cake, and it’s heaven!

If you love to bake, and want to take the time to add decorative frosting to your cupcakes, check out this blog about making hydrangea and rose cupcakes at the Southern Cottage Cakery.

The frosting is green, pink and white so the cupcakes will look like those pale green hydrangeas we all love, and they look extra pretty (and yummy) mixed with the pink of the rose decorated ones.  Lots of pictures help you see exactly how the blogger does it.  She makes it look simple.

Hydrangea Frosted Cupcakes

blue and purple flower
Make a Cupcake To Match The Colors of This Flower

If you love to bake and have the time to decoratively frost your own cupcakes, try this simple and pretty idea for making hydrangea cupcakes.

I’m always on the lookout for a rare site or blog that shows (with great pictures) how to make hydrangea related goodies.

These hydrangea frosted cupcakes, from the awesome site “Glorious Treats”, are so cute and relatively simple to create.  They combine the pretty blue and lavender colors commonly found on hydrangea flowers, but the color of the frosting is up to the baker.  Try out various color combinations to make realistic-looking sweet treats.  Blue and lavender or purple is a common color scheme to see on hydrangea flowers, or white with light pink.  If you are clever with the icing, you may even find a way to create the light green shades that are so coveted.

Serve them up at a birthday party or bridal shower and I’m sure they’ll be a huge hit.  Yum!

Hydrangea Blue Cookies and Cupcakes

Blue Hearts
Image by joana hard via Flickr

Need some ideas for keeping the hydrangea theme going with sweets for parties and the wedding reception?
The bridal shower and wedding reception can easily keep the hydrangea theme with pretty decorated cookies. Flowers are beautiful and intricate in nature and sometimes a bit difficult to copy when preparing food, but I’ve found a few simple ways to do so for the do-it-yourself party planner or for ordering already made.

A nice idea I came across for using hydrangeas for the reception would be to decorate a shaped cookie of any kind with icing and add a simple little flower to the corner and write a guests name in the center to use as place holders. You could even add the table number to the cookie if you wanted.

As far as ordering online, I had a Continue reading “Hydrangea Blue Cookies and Cupcakes”

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