fiddle leaf fig tree

At Last I Have a Fiddleleaf Fig Tree!

It is January, and the weather has cooled off nicely here in central Florida.  The windows are open, and it’s a pleasure to be outdoors.  Finally I wanted to shop for plants because walking through the nursery was fun! Christmas spending is over and I decided to add a few essential plants to my home. […]

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purple beauty berry

Clusters of Purple Berries on The Beautyberry Bush

I’m all for learning something new each day, and today I learned that the clusters of purple berries on the stem in my backyard is part of the Beautyberry bush.  This odd stem of berries in clumps caught my eye as I walked through my small backyard.  I had to get photos, but the trouble […]

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Flower garden under the trees

Caladiums and Impatiens Flower Garden Under the Trees

When I bought my house nearly 2 years ago, there was a little flower garden under the trees out front.  I neglected it and it became overgrown very quickly.  I’m not inclined to work outside in the heat, but the other day I decided a quick fix was in order.  The garden is small, so […]

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flowers of fall

Building a Garden is Slow and Steady Work

Building a garden is slow and steady work, but once the ground is prepared, the fun begins. This may take days, weeks, months or years depending on the size of the garden and how much help you have in doing it.  Cats not included. As a new gardener you may think that growing things is […]

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old hydrangea flower

Hydrangeas Fading Blooms Are Beautiful

When I grew hydrangeas in my New England yard, my favorite time of year was end of summer. The blooms would begin to fade and change color. Sometimes they didn’t look all that great, and at other times the Fall colors could be even more beautiful. I didn’t have pink flowering hydrangeas. Mine bloomed white […]

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