My Own Turkey Chili Recipe

My son smoked the Thanksgiving turkey this year and it was delicious. With only two of us to eat, we had a lot of leftovers, which I froze. Now it’s time to make some winter chili, and I broke out the turkey and broth from my freezer to make this recipe tasty. To begin, I […]

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black cats

My Favorite Black Cat Photos of Skittle and Fontana

I take a lot of photos of my two black cats, Skittle and Fontana. Fontana has been living with me since 2010 when she and Richie (a crazy male cat who is now deceased) were adopted from a shelter in New Hampshire. Richie met an untimely end when he was killed by a fisher cat […]

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birds nest mushroom

The Bird’s Nest Mushroom

I kept seeing these interesting little growths in the dirt in my vegetable garden. As I searched for info about the orange mushrooms that keep popping up, I came across the bird’s nest mushroom (fungi), and I said…”Ah ha… that’s it!” The Cyathus striatus is tiny and very unusual looking.  To me it looks like […]

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orange mushrooms

Are Orange Mushrooms in the Vegetable Garden Okay?

I’m trying to find out about these orange mushrooms that keep growing at the base of my vegetable plants. Are they okay to leave there? Are they good or bad for the garden? I have lots of questions because I have never had this happen in my garden before. Read on for the answers I […]

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bread and butter pickles mason jars

Simple Bread and Butter Pickles Made From Garden Cucumbers

Now that the cucumbers are growing in my Florida garden, I was reminded of a simple bread and butter pickles recipe I found a few years ago. No canning was involved. Fortunately I was able to find my printed copy.  (Recipe Link Below) I don’t do canning, but I love bread and butter pickles made […]

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Cutworm eating fennel

Cut Worms, Pill Bugs and Squash Vine Borers Invade My Space

My little garden has been growing like mad, but now the cut worms and other creatures are making a mess of it. Cut Worms I’ve seen black worms eating leaves, and they are not picky which plant they attack. These are the cutworms – pictures below. Cutworms can also nip a new seedling at the […]

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