Festivals & Flower Shows That Include or Feature Hydrangeas

Summer is the time to attend garden and flower shows held by local towns or organizations to raise money. We can enjoy the gardening skills and botanical delights while gleaning information from the masters for growing our own flowering specimens.

The Penny McHenry Hydrangea Festival in Douglas County, Georgia was held the first weekend of June this year.  Thanks to a reader who brought this to my attention, I will be starting a section on this blog to promote such events.  It’s too late for this one, but I have created a new category in the header section where all posts in this event area can be found.

If your area of the country, or world, is having a flower show or event to celebrate the hydrangea flower, or if it will be included in some way, let me know and I’ll post about it to share with readers.

Hydrangeas bloom at different times of the year, so you could be visiting hydrangea festivals for months if you travel.  The yearly event in Georgia is named after the founder of the American Hydrangea Society.  It was established to draw attention to the town and area.  A yearly festival is a great way to incorporate flower shows and plant sales to raise money for the town, while educating visitors about the hydrangea flower (or others).

The recent Penny McHenry festival featured the Blushing Bride as the main specimen theme.

This is a free way to advertise your event.  Who would pass opportunity that up?  I am limiting the list to an event that has to do with flowers, and especially the hydrangea flower.   If you have photos, send one along.  People like pictures, and I will link it to your site.

Contact me by leaving a message here.

A Birdbath For the Robins

Robin in birdbath
An Evening Ritual, Robins Bathing

My car has been on the fritz so I’ve been stuck at home for days. I usually stay home as much as possible and since I work from home, it’s not so difficult. My daily ritual includes getting up early working most of the day until my son gets home from school, then I head outside to dig, plant and shovel dirt into my gardens. After I come inside and shower I sit in my chair and watch Special Report and it’s right around that time of day that the Robins begin their evening ritual of splashing in the birdbath.

It’s a safe time of day for them because my cats have been brought inside for the night. They get busy digging for worms in my lawn (or, non-lawn) and then go get cleaned up in the birdbath. When I am outside watering new plantings I always clean out the birdbath and add new water. They certainly do enjoy it and they are fun to watch. I’m not a very good photographer when it comes to animals, but this shot of the robin has him looking straight at me!

Skittle Finds a Slithering Playmate

Skittle was happy to have a little, squirmy playmate the other afternoon. I guess this is a baby garter snake. I don’t know my northern snakes very well, except that they are not poisonous.
If this was Florida, that little snake would most likely be a pygmy rattler and my cat would now be dead.
I wonder if cats can tell bad (deadly) snakes from good?
She didn’t harm it. We saw the snake later out in the grass.

Little snake plays with cat
Skittle Finds a Playmate

A Visit From the Barred Owl

barred owl
Barred Owl Out Back

One of my winter stories includes a daily visit from this barred owl. It is common in my area of the country and for a while I would see it sitting on a branch near my backyard. The birds still came to eat and didn’t seem worried about it, and even a few squirrels ran around either unaware or unafraid. I was a bit nervous about letting my cats out, but the owl just sat in the tree for hours and didn’t move except to look around.

I had to look up the owl to find out what food it favors and it eats lots of little stuff, like mice and voles, snakes and even crickets. It has been seen taking a cat, but it’s not a normal thing for it to do. I doubt this guy was hunting anyway since it was in the middle of the day when I would see him / her.

Maybe he just wanted a nice branch to rest on.