Note Cards With Blue Flowers

Who doesn’t love to find a personal note from someone special in their mailbox?  At Zazzle the options for customization are numerous.  And the designer papers to choose from will boggle the mind!

If you love blue flowers, or know someone who does, a little note card – with or without text – will please the recipient.   The blue hydrangea gives these folded notes a lovely look, and if you’d like a larger card, it’s easy to choose the larger “greeting card” size.  We even have photo cards so you can further personalize your greeting with a picture!

Every card comes with a white envelope but we have custom envelopes available too.

Pretty Blue Hydrangea Bouquet Thank You Card Blue Hydrangea Mother's Day Photo Card From Kids Blue Hydrangea Folded Thank You Card Wavy Blue Hydrangea Flowers Blank Note Card Blue Blossoms Thank You Card Custom Floral Designer A2 Size Linen Envelopes

Hydrangeas and Other Green Wedding Flowers

Hydrangea (Photo credit: winged photography)

Many brides will choose a green flower to either enhance their bouquet or be the central theme in the wedding decor. The unusual color of the green hydrangea makes it one of the most popular wedding flowers. The size of the bloom means it can be used alone in a vase and look beautiful decorating the reception tables.  Green hydrangeas can either be flowers that are cut in the early budding stage, when the buds are green, or flowers that bloom green – like the one pictured – or fade to green as they age.

But the green hydrangea is not the only flower Continue reading “Hydrangeas and Other Green Wedding Flowers”

Elegant Hydrangea Decorated Personal Stationery

blue hydrangea stationery
Personalized Writing Paper

I began the BlueHyd store with the idea that I would provide stationery and gift items that feature the blue hydrangea flower. I had a limited number of flower pictures to use, and each one had to have the background removed in order for it to look nice on my products. The process is time consuming, but the end result gives me the option to do so much more with the images.
Then I began creating graphic drawings of the flowers to present more color variety. When I began to fill the online store, I made business cards and writing paper for customers to personalize.
The hydrangea decorated, elegant, personalized stationery shown here has a choice of a few specialty paper types. I like to post most of my paper products on the “linen” paper since it is popular with folks, but this formal stationery can easily be changed to felt, recycled or even basic.
A big 30% discount applies at 25 sheets, and save even more with a discount of 45% at 50 sheets. The template at the top can be filled in with a name and the blue flower is an original art design by yours truly.

This writing paper would make a nice gift for any lady who loves hydrangeas.

Baby Shower Photo Card Invitation in Blue and White

custom baby shower invitations
New Baby Shower Invitation

A little baby shower card with a photo template to customize for any type of new baby event. This paper design has hydrangea flower images over light blue as the background to blue, template text. The soft look is perfect for a sweet baby shower surprise party – or customize the text and change the “surprise” wording to something like, “mom and dad welcome their bundle of joy”, or “we are so glad to meet you!” and anything else you might like.