End of Year Yard Happenings, Orchids, Hibiscus and More

It’s the end of 2018 and I have decided to share some recent yard happenings. One of my orchids is blooming. My orchids don’t look too good, so I was surprised to see two blooms on one of my plants. The orange hibiscus plant is growing like mad! I have neglected this plant and am […]

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Queen anne's lace flowers

Off Topic Ticked Off, Annoyed and Depressed Today

Now who would want to read this post?  Maybe someone having a day as bad as mine.  I woke up in a depressed mood.  It hasn’t happened lately, but maybe it was my overnight dreams that put me in that frame of mind.  I didn’t sleep well and that contributed no doubt. Christmas is over […]

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Pictures of Bromeliads

Pictures of bromeliads, which grow in the tropics. All photos are courtesy of the photographers of Pixabay, the home of free, public domain images. Please scroll down for links to sites with information about growing bromeliads. Places to find good information about growing bromeliads. Remember they are tropical plants which means they like sunlight (not […]

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walking trail among tall pine trees

Walking in Fall and Finding a Tree Tunnel

When I visited New Hampshire recently, one of the first things I wanted to do was get outside and take a walk. Fortunately my daughter lives in a rural, wooded location with a walking trail nearby. We could have walked down the road to reach this trail, but we decided to take the (nonexistent) path […]

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sunny day at castle in the clouds

Had to Travel North to Find Pumpkins and Fall Air

I hadn’t been back to my old home town in New Hampshire in over a year, but recently I took a trip to New England. I expected to see some nice fall foliage, but it wasn’t anything spectacular. Probably because of the unusual heat and humidity that Hurricane Maria dragged up from the south. At […]

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sea plane fall foliage lake

Sea Plane at the Lake, Fall Photography

I took this photo of a little yellow sea plane one day as I walked along the road where I lived. The water was so flat and smooth and the plane was surrounded by color. I couldn’t resist taking this photo many years ago. The plane was usually docked at a lake house until winter […]

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