Why I Remove the Peat Pot When Planting Seedlings

From the time I first began buying plants from Pell’s Nursery in Osteen, Florida I was told to “rough up” the roots when the plant was removed from the pot. I’m talking plastic pots here, which are the way big plants usually come. Often the plant is a bit root bound from growing in a […]

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tomato propagating

Starting New Tomato Plants From Suckers

I always plant little tomato plant seedlings when I garden. But there is a way to start new little plants from the original seedlings. Once the seedling begins to grow, it will probably grow “suckers” which sprout from between stems.  (If you don’t know what I am talking about, see an image of suckers at […]

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little eggplant

Update on Growing Eggplants That Survive Year Round

This year-round gardening with vegetables still blows my mind, but I have a few plants that have been in my garden for over a year now. Yes, they go dormant (and even look dead) when the cold weather moves into Florida, but they come back and produce even better the second time around. Will they […]

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yellow squash

Blossom End Rot Problem on The Squash

I’ve been having a blossom end rot problem with my Summer Squash. After reading a bit about the disease, I found a couple of solutions to try. Vegetables will begin to grow and look fine, but then the ends will turn brown and rot the fruit like in my image below. First, overwatering is a […]

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green tomatoes

May Vegetable Garden in My Florida Backyard

May is here and my backyard vegetable garden is off to an okay start. I’m still getting used to growing veggies in this climate, but I’m happy to have big, luscious green peppers to use already! My garden area is very small and the plants are divided between a raised bed, fabric bags, and an […]

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