dead croton in a barrel

Lots of Brown Plants After Florida Freeze

A week or go ago here in central Florida we had about three nights in a row where temperatures got into the twenties. Tropical plants do not like a Florida freeze. They can handle a short stretch of cold, but not the constant, ongoing cold. One day I went out to dump out the ice […]

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ice in birdbath

Ice In Florida is Not So Common

We have had some cold weather here in Florida recently and I guess it’s so we don’t feel left out this winter.  With temps in the minus 20’s back in New England, I won’t get any pity for the cold I deal with in Florida.  But for us here in the south, ice is not […]

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Florida Gardening in February Cool Weather Crop Planting

I am new to this Florida vegetable growing thing, but today I decided to plant some cool weather crops.  Because my “garden” is made up of soil-filled fabric bags, I don’t have much space for planting.  But I will do what I can.  I’ve only lived here for a few months, so garden building is […]

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basil plant

A Little Salad From My Backyard Winter Garden

Just made myself a salad with ingredients from my (very) small backyard garden. In fact it’s really just a few pots with lettuce, parsley and scallions / green onions.  I added some flaxseed meal and a side of potato salad, but the greens came from the yard! When there is fresh food growing just outside […]

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Alone at Christmas? You’re Not Alone

I’ve written before about how little family I have, and how holidays equal family. I mean, after all, isn’t that what the holidays are all about? Except for Easter. Which is all about the Easter Bunny. (Just kidding.) This is what I have done to get ready for Christmas. Nearly nothing. I have not bought […]

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