Good Bye Winter – Pictures of Snow

snow winter
Late Winter Snow

In this post I am saying good-bye to winter. Here in the northeast we had a cold winter with plenty of snow, and as usually happens we got a coating of snow in April. The light-post picture here was taken February 14th, 2014 and the image below was taken April 16th.

Whenever Spring arrives I hear everyone say how awful the past winter was. It doesn’t seem to matter what the winter was really like, it was always “the worst”. I don’t think we got as much snow this year as last year. And it was cold, that’s true, but it’s winter in New England! Shouldn’t it be cold? There were no power outages where I live due to nor easter’s, which I would consider to be bad. I think the middle of the country got it a lot worse in places, so I am thankful for the winter we had.

Oh well, next we’ll have a horribly hot summer according to “them”. Even if it’s just normal with some hot days, many people will be dramatic and think it was just awful too. Why complain? We choose to live here and part of the reason is the beautiful area and nice, yes nice, weather.

After living in central Florida for 27 years, I think the changes in seasons are nice. I expect snow and cold in winter – imagine! I have to shovel and lug wood myself all winter and I have to cut my own grass, stack wood, and tend my own gardens in summer. I don’t have it exceptionally easy, but I enjoy the different seasons which bring different needs. And I’m always thankful for a body that lets me do it! You want to see bad weather? Live in Florida!

I plan to write about hydrangeas and other flowers very soon!

morning april snow road
April Snowfall


Cats and Winter Don’t Mix

cat in christmas tree
Skittle Enjoying the Tree

The days are filled with bored house cats chasing each other and fighting. The nights bring scampering and sliding through the halls chasing mice. Winter is here! With snow and cold, my two cats don’t go outside much anymore. Skittle loves to roll in the sand all summer, but now she must be wondering how all that white stuff got here and where did her sand go? She has to find something else to occupy her tiny brain, and that something usually includes disturbing me.

When I’m trying to work, she is walking across the desk trying to mess up my typing. I have tape on a nearby windowsill trying to keep out the cold – and she eats it. This year I have an added sideshow with my daughter and her cat living here too. My cats don’t like her old man cat, which is added entertainment. One hisses, one growls, pounce, bat and off they go.

We have the big, artificial Christmas tree set up, but this year it has no lights or decorations. Last year I discovered that it was useless to try and have a nice looking tree. I only set it up this year because the kids wanted to, but it doesn’t contain a single ornament. Before we even finished putting it together, Skittle was racing up the branches with a wild look in her eyes.

I am writing this at 3am because they woke me up chasing a mouse.  I’ll bet you are thinking, “Hey, at least they are good for catching mice.”  Not quite. They run, bang into things and have fun for about 10 minutes – long enough for me to be up and wide awake wondering where the heck that mouse is going- and then they lose the mouse. Lucky for me I ordered new mouse traps last week and they will arrive tomorrow. But I’ll probably be asleep when they arrive.

Winter Snowstorm Photos: Thankful This is Over!

cat shovel snow
NEMO Snowstorm

Skittle is wondering where the deck has gone. This snow came all at once and was around 30 inches.

I had posted this on my other blog but thought I’d share it here while we wait for the warmth of Spring to arrive.

Turning the Corner on Winter

sepia photography hydrangeasOnce January is here don’t we all begin to look forward to the end of winter? It’s funny, because winter is just getting started really. At least where I live in New Hampshire. January and February are the coldest with the greatest possibility of snowstorms. Yet, we know that the month brings us closer to the Spring months. We’ve turned the corner and begun a new year with new hope for things to come.

It’s got me writing about flowers again! First I went through my hydrangea photos and got them organized. Then I found more free photos to use as I write. (Check out Morguefile if you need free pictures to use for anything.)  Today I wrote a page about the types of hydrangeas.  It was fun to finish it up with lots of colorful hydrangea photos.

Although the world is gray and white with snow on the ground and the daylight gone at 4:00PM, beneath the snow my hydrangeas are waiting. This next year will give them the chance to shine in my yard. Last year was the planting and babying. This summer they can show what they’ve really got. I am excited. Color is coming.

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