hydrangea bouquet image
Ceramic Tile

Many of us like to bring the outdoors inside to enjoy year round. Floral images and all kinds of nature photography keep us connected to the world beyond our little homes. Decorating a home with favorite items gives our space a distinct personality all it’s own.

I grow many types of flowers in my small yard, and as you may have guessed, the hydrangea is one of my favorites. The blooms are big, colorful and long-lasting. I can put off photographing them for days, and they will still be gorgeous. It’s easy to catch them as buds, and then watch some of them change color as they age. It’s always amazing to see how different they will look from Spring through Fall.

So many people love hydrangeas that I have a gift / home decorating section at my BlueHyd store. Each item uses my own photography images that have sometimes been altered or isolated for each piece. With the user friendly template areas, your own custom text can be added to many items.  The ceramic tile shown contains one of my favorite pictures that was taken this past summer (2013).

Living in New England gives me the opportunity to photograph many aspects of life here.  The Autumn season is a favorite time to get out and take pictures, and the scenic mountains and lakes are always beckoning me to come see what is new.  I create loads of nature posters, note cards and postcards to share the local flavor with everyone.


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