Dusty Rose Long Rib Knit Hat

After completing my Dusty Rose Fisherman’s Rib Scarf, I wanted to create a hat to match.  There was plenty of pretty Purl Soho Worsted Twist yarn left, except for the dark “gray fig” which I used for the edge only.

Purl Soho Worsted Twist colors used are: Gray Fig, Rose Granite, Sea Salt, Heirloom White, and Artemisia Green (looks gray).

This hat was a guess pattern begun by searching through a knitting book called “Hats On” which I’ve had for many years.

I couldn’t find the type of hat I wanted to knit, nor could I find a pattern using the yarn and needle size I had available. So I guessed at the cast on number and made up the pattern and colors as I went.

My end product did turn out to be wearable, so I’m writing down my pattern here as a reminder to myself, and for others to use if they so wish. (At this point I had not added a pom-pom or maybe a crocheted flower.)

With a 7 inch circular needle (16″long) cast-on 98. Add one extra stitch if you want to join as I did.  This an adult size hat.  My head measures 22.5 inches and the finished circumference of the hat is approx. 18 inches (not stretched).  It is not super tight, but does stay put.  Using a size 6 needle would make this hat tighter and smaller.

To Join in the Round

Include one extra cast-on stitch (99) for this hat. Hold circular needles with yarn coming off the right side needle and all stitches straightened, not twisted.

Transfer one stitch from the left needle to the right and bind off, which means pull the stitch beyond it over that stitch and let it drop. You can see how to do this in the video below, but you will not be doing the knitting, just that bind off.

Pull on the yarn to tighten the stitches and transfer the stitch back to the left needle.  This holds the first and last cast on stitches together which makes the edge of the hat look neater. Now you should be back to 98 stitches.

Place a stitch marker here so you will know when you’ve finished a row, or simply use the tail end of the yarn as your marker.

Making the Hat

First row is simple knit one, purl one (K1,P1) around, which will make the ribbing.
Continue doing this until the ribbing measures 4 inches.   Each stitch should match up in every row.  A knit above a knit, a purl above a purl.  Change colors whenever you want or make it all one color.

Because I did change colors, my brim is not able to roll up, because the reverse doesn’t look all that great.  In a single color, with both sides looking good, this brim (the ribbing area) could be taller for a complete roll up brim (make it 8 inches tall?).

Once the ribbing is the length you like (or 4 inches), begin knitting around until the entire project measures 6.5 inches tall.

Decreasing For the Top of the Hat

double pointed needles hat knitting
For this pattern, splitting the 98 stitches into 4 needles of 21 works.

To decrease:  (I began using DPN’s at this point adding 21 stitches to each of 4 Double-Pointed Needles.)  Also use a stitch marker that can attach to the hat and not slide off the needle.

A hint for beginners: It doesn’t matter how many stitches are on each DPN, just follow the pattern instructions around.  It may mean transferring a leftover stitch from one needle to the next to complete a K2tog (knit 2 together) stitch.

Row 1 in the decrease section:
K5, K2tog (Knit 5, knit 2 together) around.
Knit all even rows until Row 12.
Row 3: K4, K2tog, Row 5: K3, K2tog, Row 7: K2, K2tog, Row 9: K1, K2tog
Rows 11 & 12: K2tog around for each row.
Below is what you end up with.
Screen Shot 2018-04-10 at 11.58.01 AM

These last stitches will be pulled together using a darning needle. Cut the yarn leaving a long tail. Thread the needle and slide it through the stitches on one DPN, removing the knitting needle. Then do the same with the remaining DPN and pull tight.
Screen Shot 2018-04-10 at 11.58.09 AM

Weave in all loose ends and add a pom pom if you wish.  Matching scarf shown below, with link to scarf page here.

Fishermans Rib scarf
Scarf made with Worsted Twist in Fisherman’s Rib stitch.
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