Knitting Video Tutorials For Basic Knit Stitches

adding double-pointed needles

Often I need a reminder of how to do many of my favorite and most used stitches. I also need to know how to work new stitches when trying a pattern. I’m beginning to get braver with my knitting hobby and want to knit more than hats and scarves.

I’ve searched for the best, most straight-forward video tutorials, and added them to this page.  Why do so many knitting videos involve so much talking and hand movements without showing me anything?

When searching for knitting tutorials, look for teachers who use heavy, preferably light colored yarn, where the stitches are easily seen. If the presenter blabs on for more than 30 seconds, find another video.

Each title below also includes the abbreviation for the stitch in parentheses.

Knit 2 stitches together (k2tog)

Making a Yarn Over (YO)

Doing a Slip, Slip, Knit (ssk)

This one is not exactly what it sounds like.

Knit front and back (kfb)

Knit through the back loop KTBL and purl through the back loop PTBL

Knit one below (K1b)

This easy stitch is part of the Fisherman’s Rib stitch.

I’ve watched “brioche” tutorials where the same rib look is achieved, but with a much more difficult set of stitches. Below is a video for a variation of the brioche. A normal brioche stitch can be used to knit with two colors and create varying looks on each side of a scarf, shawl or whatever. I have not found a good video tutorial for that yet.

Fluffy Brioche Stitch

At the Purl Soho site (where I have purchased some very nice yarn) they have a page which lists their tutorials. Some are videos, which are very good because they get right to the point and show the stitch with clear instructions.

Fisherman’s Rib Plus Much More

I found this excellent video while searching for a free Fishermans Rib hat pattern. The pattern here is not free, but the info is and there is a lot of good info in this video.
She will show how to knit a hat using the Magic Circle method.
She explains, and shows, how to add a “life line” while knitting. (Great idea!)
She shows how to add a removable faux fur, or any, pom pom. (Hint: use a button!)


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