My Favorite Knitting Needles Are Color Coordinated

circular and double pointed needles

I’ve got a lot of the wooden needles, straight, circular and double pointed. Most of them were purchased in New Hampshire at yarn shops. Some are Clover Takumi bamboo needles that I have purchased online.

Now that I no longer have local yarn shops to visit, I am ONLY buying online. Florida is not known for it’s wool arts. Since it’s usually around 90 degrees with 100% humidity here, it’s understandable.

The Knitter’s Pride are currently my favorite knitting needles.  The needles are color-coordinated!  How handy is that?  This makes matching circular to double-pointed easier for when you knit a hat, for instance. You will begin on circular needles (usually in 16 inch length) and switch to DPN’s (double-pointed needles) when you have to decrease at the top of the hat.  This hat pattern was my own and you can read about it here:  Long Rib Hat.

double pointed needles hat knitting
Bamboo DPN’s used to decrease at the top of this hat pattern.

So, yes, for hats you will need both types of needle in the same size.

Recently I purchased this set of size 4 circular and DPN’s. I plan to use them to knit a hat. Double-pointed needles can also be used to create an i-cord.

The size 4 is a small needle, and would be used with either a smaller weight yarn, or to create a tighter stitch.

circular and double pointed needles
Knitter’s Pride circular and double pointed needles in matching colors
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