My New Yarn From Purl Soho Worsted Twist

yarn hanks from Purl Soho

My new yarn purchase from Purl Soho has arrived, and this yarn is 100% Merino Wool  (worsted weight) and is simply lovely.  It is so soft.  I ordered one skein each of many various colors (because I just couldn’t decide!) and I wanted to see the colors in person.

I believe that if you are taking the time to knit something special, you may as well use quality yarn in beautiful colors. Purl Soho has some wonderful unique colors to choose from like this  Merino Worsted Twist “Gray Fig”. What a gorgeous color! It looks to me like eggplant purple with a bit of brown and gray mixed in.  I love that you can’t really tell the color.

gray fig ball of yarn
“Gray Fig” Worsted Twist yarn from Purl Soho

My photo does not do the colors justice.  This is a soft Merino wool and must be hand-washed.  (Not the light pink, it is cotton.)

yarn hanks from Purl Soho
My new yarn from Purl Soho – Worsted Twist and Organic cotton

The Oatmeal Gray Helix is another favorite and I will probably get more to make a hat and scarf set.  (That one has the speckles in my photo.)

Color names are, clockwise beginning top left:  Peony Pink, Oatmeal Gray Helix, Gray Fig,  Artemisia Green, Rose Granite, and the only cotton hank: Organic Cotton in “Shell”.

I am currently using the Worsted Twist colors to knit a scarf.  As I continued to knit this scarf (no pattern, just using the Fisherman’s Rib stitch in colors I choose), I needed more colors.  “Sea Salt” matches perfectly.
Screen Shot 2018-03-18 at 5.33.09 PM

Nice yarn will come in twisted “hanks” or skeins and will need to be wound into balls before using. There are yarn winders, but I simply use my knees to do this. Or find other creative ways to wind that yarn.

Once the skeins / hanks were rolled into balls, I chose the pink cotton (it’s the only skein of cotton I bought) and Peony Pink worsted to use together to knit a baby hat.  I went off the Snow Day hat pattern at Purl Soho, but had to make some changes.  I still have quite a bit of yarn leftover from making that hat.  I’ve already made a facecloth using the cotton.

leftover yarn
Pink yarn left over from knitting a hat, Cotton (L) Worsted (R)

For more information about knitting hats, read my hats page where I will continue to update as I learn.

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