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knitting a rug

Knitting Wool Rug to Felt

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I found a pretty (and easy) baby blanket pattern at PurlSoho.

Cast on 128 – less if using 2 yarns together.

Make in shades of colors that match, for boy or girl. (Their’s was made in Worsted Twist- Bundles– or Soft Merino yarn)

US size 7 circular needles, 24 or 32 inch.

Measures approx. 31 x 39 inches when done.

Because my “blanket” was being done in pretty ugly colors (not baby-worthy) I decided it would be a rug.
My rug is 42 inches wide because I am using 2 yarns together and didn’t take that into account, so it is way bigger than the original pattern.

Am using up Patton’s wool I’ve had for years, and it’s not good yarn. I’ve encountered thin sections that nearly break apart. For this reason I have decided to felt the rug.

I am using 2 colors together, knit every row and I’m alternating the yarn color. I began with 2 colors, then continued with one, while adding another. You can see this in my photo below.
knitting a rug

Since I didn’t have good colors to begin with, the blanket / rug was coming out dark. I bought some Cascade Heathers wool yarn to use with my dark Patton colors.

All yarn is not washable, which means it will felt if washed. I intend to felt this piece once I decide on the size – when to stop knitting.

The width may now become the length, because this is getting really big. Also summer heat is coming and I won’t want to work with wool then!

Finished project photo to come.

I’m also learning some new stitches like the Fisherman’s Rib, which is easy.

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