Water Bottle Designs

Blue Hydrangea Aluminum Water Bottle libertybottle

One of the new items available through our BlueHyd store is the aluminum water bottle. Zazzle just recently added this product and it comes in two sizes.

Personally, I think it a bit pricey. Zazzle is based in California where things tend to be (just a bit) expensive, so they might think that paying close to $30 for a thermos to carry water is pretty average.

I live in the northeast, and things are quite expensive here as well, but there are many cheaper options to keep from being thirsty.

However, where could you find such a beautiful, hydrangea decorated bottle as the one shown??? If you truly want a bottle that is very unique and can be personalized (not this one, but some) I have them – or will soon.

Check out our selection of decorated aluminum Water Bottles.