Hydrangea Wedding Invitations

hydrangea wedding cards
Note Card From the “Blue Heaven” Design Line

I use my own images of the hydrangea flowers I grow to create wedding stationery including wedding invitations. I begin with the invitation design (usually) and make matching RSVP cards and other enclosures, thank you cards, postage and stickers from that design.

My store, BlueHyd, is set up at the Zazzle site, along with many other designers who also compete for your attention for wedding stationery and more. The competition, not only on the site, but all over the internet, is tight and the copying of designs is apparent everywhere. We all want to make something that is popular with brides – be it flowers, themes, or colors. And those trends tend to change rapidly.

I began my BlueHyd store so I could feature the hydrangea flower only on paper. I hadn’t seen many sets of wedding stationery with a pretty, realistic flower featured as the central theme and I wanted to offer brides the option to include it.

I can still claim that all my images are strictly my own Continue reading “Hydrangea Wedding Invitations”

Photo of a Lavender Hydrangea Flower

light purple hydrangea flower
Lavender Hydrangea

I am glad I photographed this ever-changing hydrangea flower while it was a pretty lavender color. Believe it or not, this was once a blue bloom. As it aged it turned this pretty light purple color mixed with some faded green. The flower was a beauty.
We never know for sure, year to year, if our hydrangea bushes will bloom and fade in the same way. One year you’ll hear folks say, “it wasn’t a good year for the hydrangeas” and at other times they bloom so stunningly. As with all of nature, if something is a bit off, we will see a different result.
Many people may not notice, but those of us who garden and pay attention will realize that today’s lavender bloom is fleeting.
I have used this image to make some wedding stationery that is called “Vintage“. The faded purple color reminded me of something old but good.

Send Summer Letters With Hydrangea Postage

blue hydrangea postage
Pretty Blue Floral Stamps

Dress up your summer letters with pretty hydrangea postage stamps. If you don’t write many letters then add them to your bill payments. You don’t do that either? I understand. I don’t use the mail service as much as I used to, but some bills do go through the mail. And I never send e-cards for birthdays- those always go as real, hands on cards.
Sometimes a decorative stamp is just a nice touch for an envelope, but I sell these mostly for special events such as weddings. The hydrangea flower is very popular for weddings.