A Customer Favorite: Blue Moon

"Blue Moon"

I want to say right off that the name “Blue Moon” is not the name of this particular hydrangea flower, so don’t run off trying to find the blue moon variety. It’s a name I gave the design line in my BlueHyd shop that uses this image.

With a store full of hydrangeas, I had to come up with creative names for my flowers to differentiate as they could not all simply be called blue hydrangeas. With a wedding line of blue flowers that are all unique, this big, round blossom reminded me of the moon, and hence the name.

The dark blue hydrangea is a big time favorite, but this one is also a popular choice for the brides who are planning a summer or hydrangea themed wedding. Light blue is always a nice color – so very calming and pretty – and it looks great on any of our specialty papers.

Because of it’s round shape, the Blue Moon flower looks great on everything, and I’m glad I snapped this photo a few years ago to keep this pretty flower preserved forever on paper. All I did was remove the background and that gave me lots more options for designing.

If you want to see how I do that, then read my page: Create a Transparent Background – I use a free program called Paint.net.

Natures True Blue Flowers

Not many flowers are actually true blue, but the hydrangea is one that can be a gorgeous, natural blue color.

Two years ago the flowers on my hydrangea shrub were the brightest blue I’d ever seen.  I’d share how it came to be, but I had just moved into my duplex and have no idea if it was fertilized or what.

I’ve created many items using the photos I took that year, and the square wedding invitations below hold one of the designs.
This past summer I worked with a customer who loved this flower. In fact we spoke by phone many times about her wedding invitations and some other items she needed.  I don’t usually speak with customers, except through e-mail, but she was an older lady and wished to plan her wedding “old school” over the phone.  I don’t blame her.

Her wedding was planned for August on Cape Cod, Massachusetts and I hope it turned out beautifully. I did hear from her once she received the invitations and she said they had turned out even prettier than she’d expected, which I was happy to hear, and I do appreciate the feedback since I don’t get to see them printed up. (Read a few of my customer letters)
Zazzle uses very good quality paper and for the invitations, a few paper choices are available including, recycled white (left), linen (center) and felt cream (right) shown below. Whichever paper you choose for the invitation, be sure to choose matching paper for the RSVP card (the 3×5 inch size will fit inside the square invites) and whatever other items you need.
Blue Hydrangea Garland Wedding Invitations, Sky invitationBlue Hydrangea Garland Wedding Invitations, Sky invitationBlue Hydrangea Garland Wedding Invitations, Sky invitation
This invitation is worded with the bride and groom names first and they are doing the inviting. Not every bride and groom will want their invitation worded the same way, and it’s impossible for me to guess which way to word them. I do have a couple of different examples in some of the designs, but it’s best to contact me for help in setting up the invitation to suit your needs. The best way to do that is by leaving a message here on my blog or using the “send message” link on my homepage sidebar. You won’t be able to leave a long message there, but I will contact you right away to discuss your needs.

View more items in the “Sky” blue design line.

Stationery With a Blue Hydrangea Border

blue hydrangea wedding party invitation
Custom Made Quality Stationery

My hydrangea photos include this pretty, light blue flower that bloomed a few years ago. I cut away the background to leave just the blooms and have used it in the “Alpha” white and black design line for the past year or so.
New to the assortment of wedding stationery, is this rehearsal dinner invitation made on a modern, flat, square card.

The template text is in matching blue and a darker, golden yellow was used for the “Rehearsal Dinner” title and the name of the restaurant or place of the celebration. I chose linen paper to show it on, which gives a very slight blueish tint and a little texture.

One thing to be aware of when considering a square shaped card is that postage will cost more. The U.S. postal service considers it to be an “odd” shape and will charge more for mailing.

Not all my stationery is square, in fact I use 5×7 and 4×6 inch sizes too and customers are always welcome to request a size.