A Personalized Clock For the Hydrangea Loving Gardener

Round wall clock with blue hydrangea flowers
A Personalized Gift

When Zazzle began introducing their new home decor products (like this round wall clock), I immediately thought about making gifts with hydrangea flower images on them. Then I got side-tracked, as so often happens, and I forgot about my plans.

Just last week I came across some round images I had made by playing with the kaleidoscope effects in my graphics program, and I thought – make some clocks! I had already made a bunch of kaleidoscope dartboards with the images, and the same colorful designs would make interesting backgrounds for the clock products.

From there, I gravitated to the flower section of my images and the clock pictured here was born!  I added a template for easy personalization, just in case.  Spring is the time to think of gifts for gardeners and especially if it’s in time for her birthday!

More of my clocks.

Send Summer Letters With Hydrangea Postage

blue hydrangea postage
Pretty Blue Floral Stamps

Dress up your summer letters with pretty hydrangea postage stamps. If you don’t write many letters then add them to your bill payments. You don’t do that either? I understand. I don’t use the mail service as much as I used to, but some bills do go through the mail. And I never send e-cards for birthdays- those always go as real, hands on cards.
Sometimes a decorative stamp is just a nice touch for an envelope, but I sell these mostly for special events such as weddings. The hydrangea flower is very popular for weddings.

A Customer Favorite: Blue Moon

"Blue Moon"

I want to say right off that the name “Blue Moon” is not the name of this particular hydrangea flower, so don’t run off trying to find the blue moon variety. It’s a name I gave the design line in my BlueHyd shop that uses this image.

With a store full of hydrangeas, I had to come up with creative names for my flowers to differentiate as they could not all simply be called blue hydrangeas. With a wedding line of blue flowers that are all unique, this big, round blossom reminded me of the moon, and hence the name.

The dark blue hydrangea is a big time favorite, but this one is also a popular choice for the brides who are planning a summer or hydrangea themed wedding. Light blue is always a nice color – so very calming and pretty – and it looks great on any of our specialty papers.

Because of it’s round shape, the Blue Moon flower looks great on everything, and I’m glad I snapped this photo a few years ago to keep this pretty flower preserved forever on paper. All I did was remove the background and that gave me lots more options for designing.

If you want to see how I do that, then read my page: Create a Transparent Background – I use a free program called Paint.net.

Photography Gives Flowers Eternal Life

hydrangea wedding invitation
Blue For Brides

Brides love blue hydrangeas and I’ve used many of my photos to decorate stationery I sell, however, most of the images were taken one particular year, when the blues were extraordinary.

Photographing flowers is a pastime loved by many. I have a hunch that because most flowers last only a short time, we feel compelled to capture their beauty before it fades. Flowers have the ability to make us feel good with their cheerful, bright colors and (sometimes) heavenly fragrance. By catching them at the prime of their lives, growing happily in our gardens, we celebrate the simple things that make life sweet and we give them eternal life of sorts. In the dark days of winter we can look forward to a Spring of flowers because it always comes and then we’ll see what new “faces” we have to photograph.

I am more drawn to photograph hydrangeas because sometimes the flower color can change from year to year. Because the shrub that grew the great, blue flowers was in my landlady’s yard, I had little control over it except to give it water. My first Fall there I got some nice pictures of the bright blue blooms, but the two consecutive years after didn’t produce such magnificent specimens. The flowers were blue, but much smaller and not the deep blue I caught that first year.

So whereas each summer your red roses will always be red, and your pink peonies will always be pink, your blue hydrangeas could end up something other than blue – so quick….. get the camera!

Blue flowers for wedding invitations.