Florida garden hydrangea

Update on Garden Hydrangea, Surviving Summer

Now my little hydrangea is in the ground and here is what I’ve learned. Deadheading Florida hydrangeas is a good idea. I found new growth and new flowers hidden beneath those huge, dying blooms. Until a few weeks ago I had not tried to grow a hydrangea in my Florida yard. I kept thinking there […]

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Flower garden under the trees

Caladiums and Impatiens Flower Garden Under the Trees

When I bought my house nearly 2 years ago, there was a little flower garden under the trees out front.  I neglected it and it became overgrown very quickly.  I’m not inclined to work outside in the heat, but the other day I decided a quick fix was in order.  The garden is small, so […]

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orange flowering hibiscus

Florida Yardscape Must Include At Least One Hibiscus

Now that I live in Florida, my yard must contain the normal Florida perennials. Hibiscus is at the top of that list, and therefore I recently purchased a shrub and recently planted it along the side of the house. I know that hibiscus will tolerate lots of sun and heat.  Although the tag on this […]

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A Blue and A Lavender Flower

Last summer I planted this Endless Summer hydrangea variety in my front yard. This year it is larger and has bigger flowers. All flowers are blue except one which began as lavender and is now pink. You can see it in my photo here, on the right, lower side of the plant. I guess my […]

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My Blue, Endless Summer Hydrangea is Blooming!

My blue hydrangea bush is blooming and I want to share my pictures. I went away on a little vacation a couple of weeks ago and when I returned, I found that my gardens were producing some flowers! And my Endless Summer, blue hydrangea had little flowers. I’m always eager to see the color of […]

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Tier Planting, Choosing the Tall Perennials

Planting against a fence, house, stone wall, around a post, or even a drop off, may require tier planting with larger perennials planted in the back and rows of shorter shrubs in front.  I’ve been thinking about this since I have many areas of my yard that will need sprucing up with colorful, flowering plants […]

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