Green Floral Bath Mat From My Photography

Green floral bath mat created with hydrangea photography.

green hydrangea floral bath mat
Green Floral Bath Mat

I like to have flowers in my house. If not real flowers, then anything with a floral design, like this bath mat, will work.

There are not many flowers growing in my yard at this time of year. The hydrangea images I’m using for this blog and for creating products at BlueHyd were taken last year, or before that. Work doesn’t stop, and when new products arrive and need images, I scour through my best photography to add to items.

When the new bath mats came out, I was skeptical. Some items I create never sell, and I hate to waste time trying to promote something no one wants. This green hydrangea bath mat has surprised me. It seems that floral designs are popular in the bathroom, and customers seem to like green the best.

Although I have made this bath mat in blue, pink and white, the light green color is the one that sells.

The green flower that created this all-over photography image, grew on a hydrangea shrub in my landlady’s yard. The flower began as a bright blue color and gradually faded to green by fall. It was beautiful. My own Endless Summer shrub has never created the same lovely green shade.