Blue Hydrangeas (Card) For Mom This Mother’s Day

Photo card with hydrangeas
Blue hydrangeas on a card for Mom.

I was shopping at the local farm stand, which had just opened the week before, and asked about hydrangeas. Yes, we get them in right before Mother’s Day, I was told. And yes, they were the hardy, plant outdoors, kind.

I imagine they will be costly. Hydrangeas usually are expensive and hard to find too. In fact they are only around for sale for a short time it seems, so I must grab them while they last.

I don’t want them for giving as a gift. I no longer have a mom, or mother-in-law. I will be giving them to myself to plant in my barren yard.

With the economy being what it is, it’s likely that many folks won’t be able to give Mom much this year.   Kids of all ages will be looking for something special, and affordable for mom.

So how about a pretty card that contains her favorite flower? You may even upload a photo to the front and customize the text by adding a special sentiment inside.

Mom will love it – maybe even more than a gift of the real hydrangeas.

Hydrangea Flower Stickers – Add a Photo!

Want to let everyone know how much you love blue hydrangeas? Add some pretty blue flowers to that envelope before mailing – and add a photo of yourself, the new baby, or family pet! It’s easy if you use a photo template sticker.

It seems that everyone loves to give (and receive) personalized gifts. The online company – – where I have a hydrangea based stationery shop, is well known for it’s personalized and customizable products.

Just about every item they sell, from stickers to skateboards, can be made uniquely yours with customization. Templates for text and even for photos let the consumer easily create a one-of-a-kind item for themselves or to give as a special gift.

Of course there are also many other types of hydrangea stickers.