What Flowers Will Kate Carry Down The Aisle?

Cascade Bridal Bouquet
Image by Flower Factor via Flickr

I was wondering if the Royal wedding would include hydrangea flowers? I really haven’t been following the Royal Wedding news, but I found a site that has a video of a floral designer talking about which flowers will be used in Kate’s bridal bouquet.  He says that Kate’s favorite flower is some kind of lily so most likely she will carry a bouquet that contains white lilies.  Traditionally the bouquets have been all white and Kate’s will apparently be white as well.  It will probably include white roses from Africa (where Will proposed) and maybe lily of the valley, which is a sweet little flower.

Even though Diana and Charles had potted hydrangeas and other flowers decorating the church, they were all white.   According to the man being interviewed, the cascading bridal bouquet could be four feet long!  Good thing the bride is young and strong, that thing could be quite heavy.

I plan to watch the ceremony, since it’s an historical occasion and I will be paying attention to the flowers for sure.

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