Zazzle Updates Equal Work For Designers

zazzle gold proseller badgeThose of us who work from home and have stores at the Zazzle site have recently had to adjust to a site-wide update that has made a drastic difference in the look of our stores.

I was on vacation in Florida, visiting my son, when I logged onto his computer to check e-mail and check in at Zazzle. I signed in, and went to one of my ten stores and it was white. All white. No banner was showing at the top and all the categories and products looked very different. My jaw dropped, and I quickly headed to the forum to find discussions about the new look.  I had missed all the talk about it because I was planning my trip.

I gathered that the changes had been made to make the entire site more compatible for mobile devices. It also makes every product flow together better without all the individual choices for colors and themes. I don’t know much about all that stuff (not a techy person here) so I trust that what Zazzle is doing will be a good thing for those of us selling from there. Continue reading “Zazzle Updates Equal Work For Designers”

Note Cards With Blue Flowers

Who doesn’t love to find a personal note from someone special in their mailbox?  At Zazzle the options for customization are numerous.  And the designer papers to choose from will boggle the mind!

If you love blue flowers, or know someone who does, a little note card – with or without text – will please the recipient.   The blue hydrangea gives these folded notes a lovely look, and if you’d like a larger card, it’s easy to choose the larger “greeting card” size.  We even have photo cards so you can further personalize your greeting with a picture!

Every card comes with a white envelope but we have custom envelopes available too.

Pretty Blue Hydrangea Bouquet Thank You Card Blue Hydrangea Mother's Day Photo Card From Kids Blue Hydrangea Folded Thank You Card Wavy Blue Hydrangea Flowers Blank Note Card Blue Blossoms Thank You Card Custom Floral Designer A2 Size Linen Envelopes

Send Summer Letters With Hydrangea Postage

blue hydrangea postage
Pretty Blue Floral Stamps

Dress up your summer letters with pretty hydrangea postage stamps. If you don’t write many letters then add them to your bill payments. You don’t do that either? I understand. I don’t use the mail service as much as I used to, but some bills do go through the mail. And I never send e-cards for birthdays- those always go as real, hands on cards.
Sometimes a decorative stamp is just a nice touch for an envelope, but I sell these mostly for special events such as weddings. The hydrangea flower is very popular for weddings.