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I also may link to my Zazzle store where I create products which are related to the theme of this blog.  And I occasionally link to Wizzley, which is a writing site where I have created articles with the express purpose of selling items.  I will receive a small commission if you buy from either of those sites as well.

All information on this blog is taken from my own honest opinions and research, and may not always be accurate. This blog is meant for enjoyment, and hopefully entertainment.  I am not an expert in this field. You will not be compensated in any way due to loss, damage, or inconvenience because of something written in this blog.

Unless otherwise stated, all text and especially images / photos which are my own, can not be freely used by anyone without my express permission.   I do give credit to other photographers when I use their images.  I will never put any reader information on spam lists, but I have no control over advertisers or blog commenters and whatever they may see.

I reserve the right to change this blog, delete it, or change the terms of use as I please. Ads that show up on this blog are not under my control, and I am not responsible for any product or service advertised. I allow ads to help pay for the cost of blogging.

Your comments are greatly appreciated and add to the interest of this blog, but I reserve the right to delete any nasty, profane, rude or spam comments.  Why bother with spam?  We all recognize it, and it will never be approved.

I enjoy reading other good blogs, so please let me know you are out there … and I will come for a visit.

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