Little Pink Baby Hat Knit in a Day

pink baby hat with flower

Sunday is often my day to relax, or do things as I want. This past Sunday I spent knitting this little pink baby hat while I watched TV.  Every now and then it’s good to just be lazy!

The basic FREE pattern I began with can be found here: FeltMagnet / How to knit basic baby hat.

For my Big Flower Pink Hat I cast on 80 stitches using the long-tail cast on and a size 6 circular needle.

When I switched to the darker color (Rose Granite, Purl Soho’s Worsted Twist) I pulled the light pink along the front which made a “line”.  I also added a few “dots” of Rose Granite color near the top.  Should have done that further down, but oh well.

Screen Shot 2018-03-28 at 5.02.07 PM

I switched to DPN’s at round 5 at the top.  (K4, K2tog row).

Finished size is approx. 17 inches around and 6.5 inches tall.  I don’t have a baby to try it on so I used an acorn squash as my “head”.  It will probably fit a young girl, but is too big for a baby.

Screen Shot 2018-03-28 at 5.02.14 PM

I decided to add a crocheted flower. The tutorial for that can be found at the Classy Crochet site on this page of hats – scroll down.  Wish I’d had a cuter button for the center, but this entire project was a whim and not planned out!  That tends to be how I operate 😉

Little knit baby hat in pink with crocheted flower
Baby hat in pink with crocheted flower

Another Basic Hat Pattern at Ravelry

Basic Baby Hat at Mama’s Stitchery Projects also has a baby hat pattern. She says to use a 40 inch circular needle, but that is for “magic loop” knitting. If you know how to do that, have at it.   I would use a 16″ circular needle.

I also made another kid’s size hat called the “Snow Day Hat” with a pom pom.

Other Hats to Knit

I’ve moved my knitting writings to the New England’s Narrow Road blog, and there you will find more hats I have knit. I’ve also knit shawls, scarves, and I’m working on my first sweater!

More Free Knitting Patterns

I recently moved my knitting blog posts to my other blog: New England’s Narrow Road, where you can find patterns I love, patterns I’ve knit, works in progress, and more links to patterns, free and not.

Shawl Patterns

Free Ruffled Scarf to Knit 


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    1. I found a new link which will show hat’s to crochet with the flower tutorial at the bottom of the page. Thanks for letting me know!


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