Blue Hydrangea Wedding Program Cover With Monogram Template

blue hydrangea weddiing program cover
Cover a Wedding Program

Use a beautiful program cover for self-printed wedding programs. Many couples choose to create their own wedding ceremony programs, but lack a useful image to decorate the cover. At BlueHyd we make program templates and also program covers. They will be folded after purchase to decorate any letterhead (8.5 x 11) size paper.

Hydrangeas are very popular flowers when it comes to decorating for weddings, and we’ve made some pretty paper with template text that is selling quite well. This cover, with a big, blue flower has a large monogram – single initial – in black, at the top of the front page.

All text is easy to personalize with bride’s and groom’s names, place of ceremony, and wedding date. Or delete all the text and print it yourself. In fact, each design element is easy to remove – the silver gray background can be deleted for a white paper cover, and the blue border and hydrangea flower can also be removed.

Where to Find Pictures of Hydrangeas

blue hydrangeas
Blue Hydrangea from Pixabay

I take my own pictures of hydrangeas that either grow in my yard or someplace else. I also use images from free stock photography sites. But I don’t use those to create my Zazzle products.

Some sites advertise “free” images, but they are only free in certain instances and for particular uses.
One site where you won’t have to worry about the use of images is Pixabay. This hydrangea flower image came from there. I downloaded it, cropped it, and added it here. There are no flowering hydrangeas in my yard yet this year, so I don’t have any to share.

I’ve expanded this blog to include all types of gardening and landscape design, but I want to still focus as much as I can on the hydrangea.

Note Cards With Blue Flowers

Who doesn’t love to find a personal note from someone special in their mailbox?  At Zazzle the options for customization are numerous.  And the designer papers to choose from will boggle the mind!

If you love blue flowers, or know someone who does, a little note card – with or without text – will please the recipient.   The blue hydrangea gives these folded notes a lovely look, and if you’d like a larger card, it’s easy to choose the larger “greeting card” size.  We even have photo cards so you can further personalize your greeting with a picture!

Every card comes with a white envelope but we have custom envelopes available too.

Pretty Blue Hydrangea Bouquet Thank You Card Blue Hydrangea Mother's Day Photo Card From Kids Blue Hydrangea Folded Thank You Card Wavy Blue Hydrangea Flowers Blank Note Card Blue Blossoms Thank You Card Custom Floral Designer A2 Size Linen Envelopes

Where to Find Blue Hydrangea Flowers For a Summer Party?

English: Hydrangea macrophylla - Hortensia hyd...
English: Hydrangea macrophylla – Hortensia hydrangea, picture from Longwood Gardens (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I am helping a customer with some custom stationery and coincidentally she needs blue hydrangea flowers for her upcoming party in July in Michigan.   I live in the northeast and know nothing about Michigan, but I assume they can grow hydrangeas there since we can grow them here.

I don’t run a flower shop or sell flowers (only images on paper) but I really wanted to help this woman out.  My first bit of advice would be to check with a florist.  Or maybe every florist you can find in your area.  Florists have the scoop on cut flowers.  Since the party will be in July, there certainly should be some flowers available.  Hydrangea shrubs in the landscape will have flowers on them by then, so a greenhouse grower should certainly have blue hydrangeas for the flower shops.  I would think so anyway.

Also, I have mentioned this before, local nurseries fill their shops with hydrangeas (and especially blue ones) in time to sell for Mother’s Day in May.  They won’t be cheap, but it might be a nice addition to have pretty, potted plants set around for the party.  Afterwards they could always be planted in the yard.

Waiting until July to buy blooming hydrangeas is risky because the stores and nurseries may be sold out.  I know that I bought hydrangea shrubs in Fall here, which were discounted.  They had no flowers but were nice, healthy plants.  To be on the safe side I would buy them at Mother’s Day and carefully keep them growing until the party.  Then the flowers could be cut to use in vases for decorating.  (Use the hot water method to preserve them.)