Compact Hydrangeas to Grow In Pots

Compact hydrangeas to grow indoors in pots.


If your patio or living room needs some color and you’d like to add a beautiful flowering plant, why not consider growing a compact hydrangea in a pot. I have never grown a hydrangea indoors, but I may try it at some point now that I have a house with plenty of room.

The macrophylla (rounded blooms) hydrangea would be a good choice for pots. It can be trimmed down to a smaller size and will bloom on new and old stems.

Or find a variety that is meant for pots. HGTV has a post which lists the varieties that will do well in pots. They list the Limelight, but I must disagree with that! My Limelight plants grow a lot during the summer and have very long lanky stems with huge flowers at the end of each stem that are heavy. Not a good choice for an indoor pot, in my opinion.  You want to choose a variety that will stay compact, or can be trimmed to stay smaller.

Advantages to container grown plants;

  1. They can be moved around (use a stand with wheels for the big plants)- out of the sun if it’s too hot; or into the sun if needed.
  2. Use them to beautify areas that are dull and boring.
  3. Enjoy the flowers up close and not only when you walk out to the garden.
  4. It’s easy to provide nutrients to keep the flower color blue or pink (if you have the macrophylla type that changes).

Possible disadvantages to growing indoors;

  1. Controlling the soil moisture can be more difficult.  I tend to overwater.
  2. The plant could outgrow the pot and need re-potting
  3. Your cat / pet could eat the leaves!
baby carriage potted hydrangea
Baby Carriage as Potted Hydrangea Container (Photo credit: Richgold @ Pixabay)

(Photo credit: Pixabay, top image by congerdesign.)


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