A Wedding Customer Favorite: Blue Moon Hydrangea Stationery

I want to say right off that the name “Blue Moon” is not the name of this particular hydrangea flower, so don’t run off trying to find the blue moon variety. It’s a name I gave the wedding stationery designs in my BlueHyd shop that contain this floral image.

Blue hydrangea used for stationery

With a store full of hydrangeas, I had to come up with creative names for my flowers to differentiate as they could not all simply be called blue hydrangeas. With a wedding line of blue flowers that are all unique, this big, round blossom reminded me of the moon, and hence the name.

Wedding Stationery With Blue Hydrangeas

The dark blue hydrangea is a big time favorite, but this one is also a popular choice for the brides who are planning a summer or hydrangea themed wedding. Light blue is always a nice color – so very calming and pretty – and it looks great on any of our specialty papers.

Blue Moon Hydrangea Invitations

blue moon wedding hydrangea invitations
Blue hydrangea wedding invitation square cards

Because of it’s round shape, this blue flower looks great on paper. I’m glad I snapped this photo a few years ago to keep this pretty flower preserved forever. Once the background was removed and the flower isolated, I could use it in all kinds of ways to create.

Wedding Extras With the Blue Moon Design

Need something else? Contact me at millhill11@gmail(dot)com and I will help you design whatever you need.

blue hydrangea wedding guest book
blue floral tie on favor tags moon hydrangea
blue hydrangea wedding mini-champagne bottle labels
blue hydrangea address labels


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