Hydrangea Trees and The End of Summer

hydrangea treeI’ve been enjoying the big hydrangea trees that I see blooming in my neighborhood. None of my hydrangea shrubs are very large yet, and this year the blue one did not bloom well. I have only one blue flower, which is disappointing.

But the well-established plants are blooming like mad. Summer is coming to an end, which will give me more time to blog and share my photos. I take pictures all summer but that is about all I have time for. When the bad weather sets in, I won’t have gardens to tend to. But first I must rake leaves for about 3 months! It’s all good. Being outdoors is what I enjoy, and it keeps me fit.

The Pinky Winky is full of beautiful blooms – on the one side where the deer did not nibble! And the Limelight bushes have many huge flowers as well. In fact they are drooping to the ground with the weight. I need to figure out how to keep that from happening.

So here’s to fall. The hydrangeas will dry nicely on the stems to give me something else to photograph.


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