More to do at Work, Making Banners for the Store

green hydrangeaMaking banners for the store is not difficult, just time consuming. As with all online work I do, there is an element of learning attached. Often I do something that turns out perfect after I’ve spent time reading tutorials, that pops right out of my head as soon as I finish the project. Often I feel like my brain is stuffed so full that I can’t possibly keep any more info in there.

At Zazzle, where my online stores are based, we have the new option to create collections of products. It’s a great idea, and I’m totally onboard. I’ve been working on gathering similarly themed items from my twelve stores to add to collection pages. The thing is, each collection page needs a banner at the top that matches the theme of the collection.

I’ve been using Pixabay almost exclusively to find those banner images. Once I find the perfect photo, it must be downloaded, resized, cropped, and uploaded to the banner template. It must be done for every collection, and that is time-consuming.

Here is a link to My Collections. I plan to make more, but already I have 34 pages made. Some do not yet have a banner image, but most do. The hydrangea banner I’ve included at the beginning of this post was used for my Pale Green Hydrangea collection.

I’m keeping an eye on my sales as I’d like to know if the collections will be a good way to get my newer products before the eyes of customers.  It always takes time to see if new things help sales.

I work online in my Zazzle shops until 3:00 PM each day, and then stop to work in the yard, if the weather is nice. After that, I work inside, usually in the kitchen making supper and doing dishes. I start my day at 5:30am and there is never enough time to get it all done.


Author: Pam

Spending time on the water is the best, and blogging about the sea life found along the saltwater river and ocean is what I do. I’m also a designer at Zazzle and sell products containing beach, tropical, and water themes.

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