Time to Say Good-Bye to My Hydrangeas

white limelight hydrangea
hydrangea last summer
Blue Hydrangea Summer 2015

Before they even flower this year, I will have to say good-bye to my hydrangeas. I may be lucky enough to see the buds form, but I will be gone by July when the flowers open.

As is so predictable with my nomadic lifestyle, I am moving on after living in my house for five years. It’s a record really. Since I moved north in 2005, it’s the longest I’ve lived in of any of the places I’ve tentatively called “home”.

I’ve added a number of hydrangea plants to the small yard over the years, and they are all doing pretty well. Little green shoots are just beginning to appear, but once the weather warms up the plants will grow quickly. Not quickly enough for me to enjoy the big white-to-green flowers of the Limelight variety, or to see the Pinky Winky’s white blooms change to pink. And I wonder if the Endless Summer blue variety will have more flowers this year than last.

After the winter months of 2015, my perennials seemed to suffer. Some plants never came back, and the ones that did, seemed to be less wonderful than usual. But this winter was so mild, I am thinking that the hydrangeas will have lots of blooms. I especially hope that the blue flowers will be prolific.   Last year I had a few small flowers at the base of the bush (see the photo).  Of course, I will never know. I’ll be far away in the deep south, beginning a new garden in a new place.

I feel like Johnny Appleseed, except my name would be something else related to planting and moving on. I can’t think of a good name. Pam the traveling gardener, or maybe Root-less, is more appropriate.

dsc07551So the yard I’ve worked to make into a beautiful place will now be passed on to new home-owners.  I have no idea if they are gardeners, or if they will walk around enjoying the flowers that bloom in their new yard.  I hope so.

I doubt they will realize the work it took to create the beauty they will see, but I do hope they will enjoy it.  The peace and quiet I knew of sitting in the shade of the big oak out front, watching the clouds drift past the rooftop, while my cats explore in the grass nearby, is something I will miss greatly.

I’ve known some of the most peaceful times of my life just sitting alone in this yard, drinking a glass of wine, and appreciating what I have.  I always knew it wouldn’t last, because that is how it is.  Because I know that, I appreciate it all the more.

Soon this blog will be filled with the gardening adventures of my southern life.  I never grew many vegetables when I lived in Florida before, but this time I plan to figure it out.  And I am familiar with growing many tropical plants.  I can’t wait to have camellias, hibiscus, crepe myrtle and jasmine growing in my new place.  I may even try to grow hydrangeas!

So stay tuned.  Once the move is done…… I’ll be back.


Author: Pam

Spending time on the water is the best, and blogging about the sea life found along the saltwater river and ocean is what I do. I’m also a designer at Zazzle and sell products containing beach, tropical, and water themes.

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