Here’s to You, the Woman Gardener

woman gardener
woman gardener

Here’s to you, the woman gardener, but only if you do it ALL on your own.  It doesn’t count if you have a hubby who builds the raised beds for you, or lugs the soil to refurbish the beds.  It doesn’t count if he lifts the heavy stuff or does the weeding.  This post is for the women like me, who do everything, from the planning,  buying and planting, to bug control, watering, picking, cooking and preserving on their own.

garden shed

I wonder how many of us there are out there.  I’ve read, and followed, plenty of blogs written about gardening.  Men and women both like to write and share photos of their gardening endeavors, but I can’t remember ever reading a blog by a single woman who does it all.  Maybe that is because single women don’t ordinarily like to advertise their aloneness on the internet.  And I am not alone, just when it comes to gardening!

I know you are out there, and I know what it takes to try to find the time to do it all.  I work full time, and am raising a son, and if I want to eat fresh vegetables from my backyard, I have to find the time to grow the crops too.  As gardeners well know, the planting is the easy part.  

Getting the soil ready comes first.  I’ve always wanted to have a nice compost pile, but my yard is small, with lots of shade, and I really don’t have the extra time to tend to it anyway.  So each year I order a truck full of loam and use the wheelbarrow to move it to the gardens.  It’s a lengthy process.  I’m not all that young any more, and I’m also not as healthy as I’d like to be (due to a form of kidney disease that is hereditary).  I can’t go out and work all day in the yard.  My body won’t let me. I also have to find the time to do the mowing and general yard maintenance.

backyard gardening
Backyard Gardening

One Day at a Time

So I begin working as early as possible as the growing season approaches here in New England.  I want to have things ready for June planting.  Often I will grow a few pea vines first, but I’m not good at making stakes to hold them up.  This is where a guy’s help would really come in handy.  My staking attempts usually mean the produce will fall over eventually.  Being alone means I have to be more resourceful.  I plant climbing vegetables next to the deck so the vines can use the railing to climb.

backyard garden sitting area
A Quiet Rustic Sitting Area

I enjoy reading all types of garden blogs, and women who have help are just luckier.  They tend to get the easier jobs that go along with growing, once the heavy lifting parts are in place.  And “their” gardens tend to be quite large in size, amazingly so.    

How do they afford such a huge yard?  They are not the sole income source of the household.  How do they cope with all the maintenance?  Someone else does the “manly” chores.  Two people can accomplish more than one.  

It doesn’t mean us single gals can’t have something nice.  We just have to do the work of two people.  I know all about that struggle.

Here’s to you!

Soon I will have help when I live near my son. He can help build the raised beds and deliver the garden dirt. When something is too heavy for me to lift, I can ask for his help. But even if I had to do it all alone until the day I simply couldn’t, I would keep gardening.

You know what I mean.

woman gardener
Heres to you, the Woman Gardener

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Author: Pam

Spending time on the water is the best, and blogging about the sea life found along the saltwater river and ocean is what I do. I’m also a designer at Zazzle and sell products containing beach, tropical, and water themes.

2 thoughts on “Here’s to You, the Woman Gardener”

  1. I’m a single gardener. My husband passed away in 2006. You name it, and I do it: Mowing, mulching, planting, weeding, moving heavy pots (using my brain and not my brawn), watering, and everything else. Sometimes I’m envious of women who have a man to help or who hire the work out to be done. Sometimes I see a blog where a woman tells how she put together this or that garden structure, but in her photos I see hairy hands, not hers but a man’s, and I feel a little cheated. Kudos to you! It takes tenacity and a deep love of gardening to persist as a single woman gardener.


    1. Thanks for your comment hairytoegardener. Love that name too. Yes, many women write blogs about “their” gardens… and one day I felt I had to vent, hence this blog post. I now live with my grown son, so I do have help if needed, but space to garden now that I am in Florida is very minimal, and it’s not as much fun to garden in heat. So I do a lot less of it. But I love to watch things grow, and it takes some effort to get to that point when beginning over again in a new place.
      Kudos to you as well. I will be visiting your blog.


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