Found this hydrangea photo and good information on one of my favorite photographer’s site. I never grew pink hydrangeas like this one. It has fun little pointy petals. Pete kindly allowed me to re-blog here, so enjoy! And go see his photos… they are stunning!

Pete Hillman's Nature Photography


I have always loved Hydrangeas. My Nan and Grandad grew them at the front of their house, and so did my Mom and Dad. It’s amazing how when you see a certain flower they bring back such wonderful, precious memories. Because of my love for the abundance of showy blossoms this popular shrub produces, and because of the fond memories, I have grown Hydrangeas in my garden for some years. Although, for the first time ever, I made the most silly mistake of pruning then at the wrong time so I did not get a single blossom last year. But this year, they are back again, and in splendour.

Here are a few facts about this colourful flowering shrub, some I already knew, and some I didn’t.

  • Hydrangeas go back a long way, and were here before we were. The oldest fossil finds discovered in America go back 40 to…

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  1. hairytoegardener says:

    Thanks for re-blogging this. Because of you, I’m thinking strongly of adding additional hydrangeas to my garden in strategic places. They truly are beautiful.


    1. Dustytoes says:

      Pete’s is a knowledgable guy… I keep thinking that too! Maybe in October, when I go outside again… LOL

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Pete Hillman says:

    Thank you for posting, and for such a lovely intro, Pam!


    1. Dustytoes says:

      Thank for letting me share your picture and useful info.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Pete Hillman says:

        You are welcome 🙂


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