Pictures of Croton Leaves

colorful croton leaves

The leaves of the croton are really stunning.  They are as pretty as any flower, and come in such an array of colors, that they can brighten any landscape, as long as it’s subtropical.

Crotons don’t handle cold well, with established, older plants handling it best.  I live in climate zone 9 and have this big croton plant in my yard.  I have no idea how long it’s been there, but I did not cover it at all last winter.

Then again, last winter in Florida was not all that cold.

colorful croton leaves

My croton is in a big pot with ferns and a red hibiscus bush… also a birdhouse is stuck within the branches.

Recently I went out in my yard and took some photos of the croton leaves and wanted to share them with you.

The croton is also easy to propagate.

colorful croton leaves

The color combinations are so beautiful

colorful croton leaves

Pink leaves… where else can you see this?

colorful croton leaves

The bright reds can become dark purple as the leaves age

colorful croton leaves

This croton has been growing for years, I imagine

colorful croton leaves

Even the yellow and green leaves are outstanding

For those of you who do not live in a warm climate, the croton can grow indoors. I’ve never done that, but you can search the internet for helpful advice on doing so.

9 thoughts on “Pictures of Croton Leaves

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  8. hairytoegardener

    They are gorgeous and I would grow them if they would grow here. Maybe inside. It looks like such a great plant.


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