One Year on Keto, What Has Changed?

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A year ago in August I began to follow the Keto diet. So, a year later, what has changed? Probably more importantly I ask myself, what have I learned?

After a year of making changes in my food choices and increasing my exercise, I can say that I feel much better than I did last year in August.

Today, my blood pressure is not perfect but it is lower. My body is less puffy and bloated, which I only realized when the “stuffed potato” feeling was gone!

I no longer have any heartburn and I sleep much better during the night. Even my hot flashes are fewer.

Zen stones peace

Am I skinny? No. Have I lost weight? Yes. I don’t have a scale so I am not sure how much I’ve lost, but it’s not a whole lot. I’d guess around ten pounds.

An important aspect of this lifestyle is that my outlook and attitude is calmer and more peaceful.

I do not miss eating bread, but every now and then I have a piece of homemade bread toasted with almond butter as a treat. I bake my own bread, and slice and freeze it for just such an occasion.

bread toast

Which brings me to my new realization: I may not be a total Keto follower. I stray over to the Paleo way of life sometimes (although they don’t eat bread either).

I believe in eating fruit more than Keto allows for. I also agree that natural sugars such as honey and maple syrup – the real kind from the tree – can have beneficial minerals and nutrients. And I still eat the occasional carrots, potato, and sweet potato.

cheese love

On the other hand, Paleo followers do not eat dairy at all. I do like cheese and yogurt occasionally. I don’t load up on cheese as many Keto Recipes will advise, and that was a mistake I made in the beginning, but I do enjoy some dairy – full fat yogurt, sharp cheddar cheese.

In general, I believe that a wide variety of food is necessary for overall health and well-being. I can still remain in ketosis for the most part, but some days I do go over the suggested carb limit. I DO NOT count carbs. I’m trying to eat to help my kidneys, by eating kidney friendly, and that is my number one goal.

Read Paleo vs. Keto: What’s the Difference?

Fasting, or IF (Intermittent Fasting)

From the first time I learned about intermittent fasting and it’s good effects on the body, I was onboard. All I have to do is …. nothing… do not eat. I can truthfully say that this has been the easiest part of my dietary and lifestyle changes.

I do sometimes get hungry while I fast each morning. Usually by noontime I am ready to eat! But it’s not unbearable, and when I think about the good it is doing, I am encouraged to wait the few hours it takes to finish my fast.

I still have not done a longer fast, but it’s on my list to accomplish.


As far as exercise goes, I still struggle with getting regular heart-pumping exercise.

I went on a trip to New Hampshire where I began walking almost every day. What a beautiful place to walk! When I got back home to Florida I kept walking and was regularly walking every morning, even when the humidity soared in June and July. I got out early and sweated my way through my 1.3 mile journey.

Then, in August – just two weeks ago – I hurt my neck. I was in such pain for days that I gave up any thoughts of walking or moving fast. That threw me off my exercise cycle and now I have to get back on.

Florida oaks with moss branching over a road
Walking the neighborhood

As someone older, I bounce back slowly. I know this. I will get back to it and I will keep my blood pressure down and my weight off. I’ve seen good results from following my Keto / Paleo diet plan and I am healthier because of it.

Here’s to another year of finding health in eating good, natural foods.

vegetable collage
Vegetables are always good!

Thanks to Pixabay for the images on this page.


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