Orange Flowering Butterfly Milkweed

Orange flowering milkweed plant

This beautiful little orange flower sprouted up near my ugly fence. It is in a section of the yard I rarely visit, and is mostly ignored. Because it is “winter” in Florida, my son rarely has to cut the grass and weed eat, which may explain the pretty butterfly milkweed appearing.

This plant is wonderful for attracting the Monarch butterfly. She lays her eggs on the leaves and sometimes the flowers.

orange butterfly weed flower
Orange Butterfly Weed

I discovered this tall, orange flowering plant when I hung a bird house I had crocheted for the wrens. It is growing next to our old, ugly fence. I need to try to propagate it so I will have more of this flower in my yard.

The “Silky Scarlet” Tropical Milkweed

This butterfly weed is a perennial and is also known as a butterfly milkweed and orange milkweed. The name is “Silky Scarlet” and was purchased at my local Home Depot. I was so happy to find these plants while shopping!

Since I discovered this milk weed plant I also found a great site called Gardenia where I came across this page about the tropical milkweed called “Silky Deep Red”.

It is hardy in planting zones 9-11 and I live in zone 9. I bought two more plants for the yard. Monarch butterflies are especially drawn to it and it’s where they lay their eggs. I caught a beautiful butterfly checking out my newest milkweed plants.

I found information about this plant at the site where they have pictures and also found more info here. It supposedly get little pods with white fluff, so I will watch for that.

More Pictures of the Orange Milkweed Plant

Read more about planting milkweed to help the Monarch Butterfly (click the image below)

monarch butterfly milkweed
Plant Florida Native Milkweed to Save Monarch Butterflies…….Monarch butterfly on milkweed

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