About Me

This is how the blog began and also how it has changed over the years. The writing began in New Hampshire and now has shifted to Florida.

The first part of this blog was written when I lived in New Hampshire. It was a hard time, and then a good time. Even though I had been born in New England and lived there into my early twenties, I hadn’t owned my own home.

For most of my adult life I have lived in central Florida. I moved here in 1979 with my son. I got married and had three more kids who were raised in Florida until 2005 when we moved to New Hampshire.

After eleven tumultuous years, I could no longer afford to live in New England. My second oldest son stayed in Florida when we moved. When I moved back south, he and I decided to share a house and split the costs.

So, the early blog posts cover my time learning about life in New Hampshire. More recent posts are about my time here in Florida and learning to garden all over again for this climate.

I really miss this yard.

backyard garden
My New Hampshire backyard

I was not good about tagging and categorizing photos and posts when I began writing, but here are some photos I kept of New Hampshire.

nasturtium flowers
Alaska Nasturtiums grown from seeds

Now I live in growing zone 9b where everything is different! If you are a Floridian who wants to learn how to grow your own food, please follow me and we can learn together.

Thanks for reading. ~ Pam

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